The Sound Of A TearDrop

Have you ever listened to the whispers
of a teardrop shed in remembrance?
Memories of moments spent together
glistening in the sound of a teardrop.
So many emotions in one single tear.

Listen closely to a single teardrop as
it does fall from the eyes of love.
Listen with your heart to it's message
Speaking of times spent side by side
in the sunshine of a summer day.
Dancing in the rain bringing coolness
to a thirsty land.

The knowledge in a tear that love
is always near. One who has
always been there in spirit is only
a heart beat away. Gentle caring
heart given unconditionally. Giving
all, nothing held back

The memories in a tear of acceptance
for who you are. Seeing all the colours
sparkling in one silver drop

Gentle soothing music in the sound of
a teardrop. Let it's melody ease your heart.
Let it's loving memories bring peace
to a grieving soul. The reflections of a
loved one always near engraved on it's
silver beauty.


ŠJ.C. Stewart aka
BarTendersBluesWolf aka BluesWolf

Just Walking

Just walking in the rain letting
the gentle rain drops merge with
my silver tears. As I walk, remembrance
comes back to haunt me, the feeling
of your hand holding mine. of you letting go
as the colours of the rainbow called you

Now I gaze into the sky and watch the rain fall
waiting for the moment that the clouds part
and I see you once again in the rainbow.
When I hear your voice speaking to my heart.

Raindrops bring cleansing of the soul by helping
wash the pain of separation away. Hear me now
as I whisper to you in the breeze. You are in the hands
of love. In a father's embrace who will hold you
close till I can. He saw you falter and wanted to
ease your pain. As he called you home, he gently
stroked my heart letting me know you are safe.

Just walking in the rain with my hand upon my heart
I send this prayer to the one who waits to guide us
home. I know one day, there will be healing in reunion.
Is only a heartbeat away.

ŠJ.C. Stewart aka
BarTendersBluesWolf aka BluesWolf

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